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Knock-Out dolls are Women’s Inspirational and Empowerment Dolls. Inspired by real women who’s grit and determination changed the world and brought women and society forward. I want these dolls to bring a sense of inspiration. To remind us of the contributions strong determined women make in our lives. A doll that children can emulate, a role model that they can partner with, play with, that will encourage them to dream and achieve.

Each doll is 18″ and made with the finest materials I could find. I wanted this particular doll size and shape because I want them to be large, huggable, kind of poseable, and a generic body type. I dye them to reflect their ethnicity, but the body shape is the same. We are celebrating the inner beauty and determination, and the fighter’s spirit that drove these women to become firsts in their field, or overcome obstacles, or fight the status quo that wasn’t working. Other than reflecting the limits of their gender, the body is just the stuffing, and stuffing in certain areas or padding in others doesn’t change these women or their accomplishments. It didn’t, and doesn’t, define them.

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FLOTUS 35 and Madame Curie.