About Us

Knock-Out dolls are Women’s Inspirational and Empowerment Dolls. Inspired by real women whose grit and determination changed the world and brought women and society forward. I want these dolls to bring a sense of inspiration. To remind us of the contributions strong, determined women make in our lives. A doll that children can emulate, a role model that they can partner with, play with, that will encourage them to dream and achieve.

I wanted this particular doll size and shape because I want them to be large, huggable, kind of poseable, and a generic body type. I dye them to reflect their ethnicity, but the body shapes are all the same. We are celebrating the inner beauty and determination, and the fighter’s spirit that drove these women to become firsts in their field, or overcome obstacles, or fight the status quo that wasn’t working. Other than reflecting the limits of their gender, the body is just the stuffing, and stuffing in certain areas or padding in others doesn’t change these women or their accomplishments. It didn’t, and doesn’t, define them.

I wanted them to be huggable, because if you can hug a Supreme Court Justice or your favorite First Lady, an Astronaut or athletic star, after a bad day at school or the office, if the coach yelled at you, or your experiment went sideways, you can ruminate on how many bad days and set-backs she must have had, and get perspective to keep fighting.

My logo is boxing gloves because these women were, and are, fighters. We need to inspire our young women and girls that they too can be warriors and they can change the world. What does a plastic doll with no real path inspiring? What should dolls teach our girls other than being a mom? Being a mom is not a bad thing but should it be the be all end all of a woman’s ambition? What if she wants to be an Olympic athlete, a CEO, President or Supreme Court Justice too?

I myself am learning about these remarkable women as I am creating the dolls and researching their lives for the biographies that are included with each doll. For instance, I learned that Mae Jemison was fascinated by science at a very early age. Not something that was really encouraged by society at the time, but it was by her family. She loved the space program but kept wondering,”Where are the female astronauts?” Then Sally Ride came along and inspired an entire generation of women to reach for the stars. Mae went on to become the first African American woman in space.

I want my dolls to inspire generations of women just like Sally did for Mae. That’s why I created them. These women were game changers, ceiling breakers, world leaders, and deal breakers. Women are often overlooked or marginalized in society and in classrooms and their achievements are glossed over or minimalized. I want these dolls to shine a light on remarkable women and their achievements.

Give your child the gift of inspiration and reaching for the stars.